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Hello Bloggers,

I am a 2nd year undergrad at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma. My majors are in Anthropology and Psychology with minors in Spanish and Gender Studies. More specifically my main focus is on archaeology of the PPN (pre-pottery Neolithic) of the Near and Middle East. Starting as a freshman at the University of Tulsa I began working as a research assistant under esteemed archaeologist Dr. Donald O. Henry (University of Tulsa) on his site called Ayn Abū Nukhaylah located in Wadi Rum, Jordan. I conducted a thesis for 9 months based on some lithic artifacts (blades) which were found in one of the pit-houses. I presented my research at a research conference affiliated with the University of Tulsa, University of Oklahoma, and various other local institutions. Currently I am co-authoring a book alongside archaeologists Dr. Donald O. Henry (University of Tulsa), Dr. Ofer Bar-Yosef (Harvard), Dr. Marvin Kay (University of Arkansas), Dr. Seiji Kadowaki (University of Tokyo), and various other archaeologists and graduate students regarding the site of Ayn Abū Nukhaylah. The book is titled, Sands of Time: The Desert Neolithic Encampment at Ayn Abū Nukhaylah and is expected to be published through Cambridge Press by the end of the fall 2011 or early spring 2012. I am also currently working on a thesis regarding again, Ayn Abū Nukhaylah, and will be publishing an article alongside Dr. Donald O. Henry sometime this coming summer 2012.

Ayn Abu Nukhaylah Reconstruction

The blade cache I analyzed

Recently I have been interested in the Natufian culture of the Levant. My professor and mentor, Dr. Donald O. Henry, will be leading an excavation this April and May 2012 on a roughly 14,000 year old Natufian site in Southern Jordan. The site has yet to be excavated and I plan to join this team. I am very excited, which is an understatement.

Thanks for reading! I plan to post various blogs regarding archaeology and my current activities. Feel free to inform me of other archaeology blogs or anything you think may strike my interest.

Ashley Brown


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