Archaeological Humor

Hello Reader,
While taking a break from the headache of midterms I further procrastinated by looking at humorous anthropological comics.


This is one of the many maps I currently have to memorize. Well.. at least it’s entertaining..right?

This was placed on my office door. Graduate students always give the best advice! haha.


4 responses to “Archaeological Humor

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    • Ha ha. It would be interesting to know what they perceive about our culture considering what we leave behind. However I predict they’ll have a very difficult time accurately insinuating due to the increasing majority of our culture being stored through technology and other means that are easily susceptible to deterioration. Luckily for archaeologists today, some of what our ancestors left behind has the potential to last thousands of years. I find it ironic how that works. I suppose you could say that is one of the downsides of being a technologically dependent society.

      I wish those future archaeologists the best of luck… they’ll certainly need it.

      Thanks for the response! Keep reading 🙂

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